Ven Kirulapana Dhammawijay thero

saddharmācārya, vinayācārya, abhidharmācārya and abhidharma viśārada

Ven.Kirulapana Dhammawijaya Thero

Ven.Kirulapana Dhammawijaya thero is a versatile Buddhist monk who has mastered Abhidharma and Vinaya, the holiest discourse of Theravada Budhism and qualified to guide both monks and laypeople.

Further he is the founder and the spiritual advisor of Sujatha Puthra and Sujatha Diyani meditation center, dedicated to the spiritual and academic development of Buddhist monks and nuns. Also Ven. thero serves the community as a visiting lecturer for the Budhist Psychatric council.

As a layman Ven.thero was educated at St.Jones , a reputed boys school in Colombo. After attaining monkhood he excelled in advance Budhist studies. Became a scholar by facing examinations conducted by Ramanya Maha Nikayaof Sri Lanka. Not only Ven.thero received the degrees saddharmācārya, vinayācārya, abhidharmācārya and abhidharma viśārada but also achieved the finest results in all above degrees immerging as the island’s first.

Before becoming a monk Ven.Kirulapana Dhammawijaya thero served the Sri Lankan army.

Though Ven.thero was born and raised in Colombo currently he is residing in Anuradhapura – Sujatha Puthra Forest Monastery.

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Sujatha Puthra Meditation Center, Sandasirigama, Malwanegama, Thambuththegama.


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